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administration of properties
The department of Administration of properties titled by the school of the demarcation of Barcelona and Lleida negotiated him so much the communities those of horizontal property as those of vertical property.

1. Administration of properties of property horizontal


- Convocation of meetings.
- Attendance and Advice in the Meetings.
- Writing and shipment of dockets.
- Guard and it Guards of the documentation of the Community.
- Certifications of dockets, agreements, etc,... and in general all the related with the bureaucracy of the Community.


- Pay of the services hired by the Community.
- Recruiting and payment of the extraordinary expenses approved by the Community.
- Liquidation of all the expenses quarterly or annually passing them to the President for their confirmation, seen good and later
   shipment to the comuneros.
- Administration of collection of this liquidations.
- Extraordinary liquidations for expenses of the community and adaptation of provisions of funds for this expenses.
- Facilitation as much as possible for creation and maintenance of the necessary services for the good operation of the community.

2. Administration of properties of vertical property

- Advice has more than enough obligationses between tenants and owner/s.
- Lease contracts, transfer...
- Creation and setting to the collection of the rent receipts.
- Normal liquidations.
- Up-to-date setting according to the contracts and normative effective of the rents or rents with application of the formal
  obligationses in the same ones.
- Tax payment and liquidation of retentions, as well as of all the formal obligationses of the owner/s.
- Periodic liquidations to the owner/s of the income and expenses and delivery of the balances.
- Advice on the obligatory or necessary works to carry out, ordination of the same previous consultation, liquidation and
  payment of the companies interveners and repercussion to the tenants of the cats that correspond them.