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Avda. Catalunya, 53B. 08190 cerdanyola del Vallès. Tel 93 691 99 00. Fax 93 580 80 80
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law cabinet
The office is open to all type of consultations, although in way preferable and not excluding sandal in its activity the following areas and matters:

- Specialists legal general prison.
- Specialists in traffic accidents.
- Matrimonial legal specialists and of family.
- General civil right.
- Successoral, hereditary right.
- Law of real property and registral.
- Commercial law and of company or association.
- Bankrupt right, Temporary receivership, crashes.
- Right of the insurance in general.
- Negotiation and mediation: you solve extrajudicial.
- Dret administratiu general.
- General administrative law.
- Urbanism, expropriations.