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Avda. Catalunya, 53B. 08190 cerdanyola del Vallès. Tel 93 691 99 00. Fax 93 580 80 80
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Brokerage of sure

The department of sure this under the direction of economists titled by the Generalitat of Catalunya like insurance brokers with the registration Nº J341GC. We provide the possibility to concert their policies under the best conditions, with companies of first line. Our clients is advised in function of their necessities, in the event of catastrophe, will always have a professional on their behalf so that the company makes in front of their obligationses. Will be able to invest in anyone of our financial products, investment funds, funds of pensions, to request credits, to invest in managerial and industrial projects.

Personal Insurance

- Health.
- Life.
- Have an accident.
- I save for juvilation .
- Plan of pensions.
- Labor inability .
- Financial products .

Sure of company

- Hostelry.
- Managerial Multirisk.
- Civil liability.
- Transport goods.
- Fleet of vehicles.
- Communities accidents.
- Collective life.
- Collective sanitary attendances.
- Exteriorization commitments pensions.

Other products

- Main and secondary housing.
- Vehicles.
- Crafts.
- Attendance in trips.
- Trade.
- Multirisk communities.