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Avda. Catalunya, 53B. 08190 cerdanyola del Vallès. Tel 93 691 99 00. Fax 93 580 80 80
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Asadvisers of companies

In the industrial relations with its personnel treats its matters with the care and experience that deserves, the grants and allowances that correspond him taking advantage. We advise him, we execute and we process all the related with the labor recruiting, individual and collective discharges, compensations, sanctions interpretation and application of the collective agreement of their sector, study and making of salary receipts, agreement back payments, rates of the social security.

With the enough advance warns him of the finalization of the agreement of services and its possible one you continue, labor calendar or any incidence in the labor area.Our lawyers and graduate social they represent him in the working inspections as well as in the personnel's reclamations before the Cemac and working Magistracy with the biggest diligence and after a careful study. We carry out files of employment regulation and labor audit. We present postponements and we solve resources and procedures before the Administration. We advise and we solve any consultation in the labor environment.