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Avda. Catalunya, 53B. 08190 cerdanyola del Vallès. Tel 93 691 99 00. Fax 93 580 80 80
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advisers of companies

The fiscal planning of the company is basic to reduce to the minimum  the tributary  debt of certain taxes.
Non alone limits ourselves to make its fiscal declarations so that they have its document - up-to-date and correct tación, if not that we analyze the countable information and we plan quarterly the same ones.
In function of this information and foreseen operations to carry out during the exercise, we proceed to the fiscal planning with the purpose of reducing the taxes to liquidate, as well as to make sure the enjoyment of those fiscal benefits.

Our Fiscal department counts with personal highly qualified and supplemented studies of MASTERS in the specialty that will solve him verbally or in writing any question that you can outline.
Represents him and we advise possible inspections before as well as the position to any resource and answer related with any tax.