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advisers of companies
financial economics

The companies should confront and to adapt to the dynamic changes that constantly take place in the environment of their managerial activity every day but competitive.

At the moment companies, mainly small and medium, that don't have organization and means with the purpose of obtaining an indispensable information on the economic and financial situation that serves him as base for the taking of decisions that commit the future of its company for its dimension exists.

To these circumstances they are added with certain frequency that the services external professionals of certain areas are antiquated or they don't have human means and mechanics to offer certain type of services since they are limited to give an advice but of legal type offering a partial information, lack of depth and global vision of the managerial problem.
Our office with an experience of more than 20 years in the sector managerial professional services are aware of these problems and for this reason he/she offers to their clients organization and means that make reality these necessities.
Periodically and sometimes the companies need technical reports on time to check, among other, the viability of certain projects and that of their company in global that help in the taking of decisions and with the purpose of obtaining a bigger profitability of their business.

Among the services that we offer them in this area we highlight him:

- I diagnose of the situation of the company.
- Studies of plan of viability of the company.
- Analysis and studies of costs.
- Presupposed to company level, cash-flow corto/medio term and budgetary control and threshold of the benefit (minimum to bill to
  cover expenses).
- Studies of investments, financing of projects and information and steps of helps.
- Advice of existent financing sources.
- Fiscal repercussions of any study.